Life Behind the Playboy Mansion Doors …The 9 Things People Didn’t Know


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4. In her book, she does not give details about the intimate moments of her time with Hef. She didn’t want her novel to be about that. She describes how the situation made her feel.  She did not like being part of a group or harem of women. That part of her experience negatively affected her self-esteem.

5. While she was in the mansion, she developed a stutter, so she would try to speak as little as possible.

6. The other women did not realize she was depressed, and that was why she was so distant. Instead, they thought that she just didn’t want to mingle with them.

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7. She felt pressured by Hef to quit her waitressing job in Hooters. After losing her job, she was basically closed off from other people. She was no longer independent.

8. Her only outlet and people to talk to were Mary O’Conner, Hef’s long-time secretary, and Bridget Marquardt, one of the girlfriends.

“Choosing to move into the mansion is such a bold choice, and to admit that you’re depressed is really admitting that you made a really dumb decision. And I wasn’t ready to do that,” Holly said.

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 16:  Hugh Hefner (C) poses with Playboy Bunnies Playmate of the Year 2013 Raquel Pomplun (2nd L) and Miss December 2009 Crystal Hefner (2nd R) at Playboy's 60th Anniversary special event on January 16, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Playboy) ARCHIV -- Der Gruender des Playboy Hugh Hefner am 14. Mai 1999 in Cannes. Hefner macht seinem Ruf als Frauenheld alle Ehre. Der 74-jaehrige teilt sein Anwesen seit mehreren Monaten mit sieben blonden, gut gebauten Frauen. Die 19- bis 28-jaehrigen aeusserten sich in der neuesten Ausgabe des Magazins "Vanity Fair" ueberaus zufrieden mit dieser Regelung. (AP Photo/Laurent Rebours)

9. Hefner didn’t have a great reaction to Holly’s book. He surrounds himself with a staff that are trained to play up his image of being a good guy.

“Hef loves to surround himself with ‘yes’ people. And he does have a lot of friends that he’s good to. There’s such a culture up there of everybody always talking about him being the nicest guy. You know, that was the veneer and the personality that I fell for for so long. So you are kind of afraid to speak out in a way because you’re made to feel like you’re crazy,” she said.

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