Man Goes on a Date with 365 Women in 365 Days – And Asks Them to Pay the Bill


This Indian man has a mission—to go on a date with one woman each day of the year. And he wants his dates to foot the bill!

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Thirty-year-old Sunder Ramu requests his date to shoulder the cost of their date not because he is a stingy person. The reason is very far from it.


Ramu, who is an actor and a fashion photographer, actually uses the money he saved on his dates to sponsor meals for residents from different charitable institutions. He visits them every month.

“I am just trying to play a small part,” Ramu said.


“The money I have saved as a result of ladies sponsoring my meals is used to sponsor meals for underprivileged children in some of the most impoverished areas.”

As of latest, Ramu had already been in 110 dates with women of all ages and different walks of life. His youngest date was a 21-year-old singer and the oldest one was a 105-year-old grandma, to which he drove almost half a day just to meet her.


“My date with a 105-year-old grandma from a remote village past Pondicherry was very memorable and interesting,” Ramu said. “But I am just looking to explore a new phase of my life where I am bringing about some change.”

Ramu, who hails from Chennai, was prompted to take action after he spotted a group of street children scuffling for food.


Though his 365-date project had allowed him to meet a bunch of beautiful women, his dates are not romantic in nature, so he doesn’t expect to come out with a partner.

“I do not have any agenda behind going out on these dates. I am not looking for a romantic relationship. It is not a playboy thing,” he said.


“I think this is something that women understand and that is the reason they agree to be a part of it.

“Women can affect a lot of change. So all the women who sponsor the meal and go on a date with me are playing a huge part in this initiative where we are trying to help some children.”

Ramu had also dated famous Indian celebrities including Shreya Sharan, a top Indian Bollywood actress.

But not all of his dates are famous personalities. Ramu previously sat down for a meal with a child who has an eye cancer and a garbage collector woman.


“It is was great fun. She cooked me a very simple meal and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so humbling,” he said.

Ramu doesn’t date men, but he encourages them to donate to his cause.

Ramu plans to write a book about his 365 dates for a cause experience and is also working on a screenplay about the project.

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