People Are Saying This Hot Lingerie Model Looks Exactly Like Angelina Jolie


Judging from the amount of attention a photo of a celebrity lookalike garners, it’s safe to say that the Internet loves this kind of thing. Netizens seem to like sexy lookalikes as well and probably the most prominent ones are those who resemble reality star Kim Kardashian. But there is a new woman on the doppelganger scene, who is now sending the cyberworld into a frenzy. Meet Mara Teigen —the celebrity lookalike of none other than the famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie.

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Mara Teigen has been modeling for several years now, enjoying a pretty successful career. But it was only when she made an appearance in a video for Kylie Jenner‘s lip gloss collection that the Internet heard about her.

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Mara Teigen has now become very popular on the Internet and that’s because of her unbelievable resemblance to Jolie. Taking an even closer look would convince you even more that they do have similar facial features.

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