Mom vs. Momager: 14 Reasons Kris Jenner is a Boss



It’s actually CRAZY to think that Kylie Jenner and President Barrack Obama‘s eldest daughter Malia are the same exact age.

malia vs kylie
You would never be able to tell by just looking at photos of these two young ladies, who are are only 11 months apart, and it’s all due to the way they were raised. Malia and Kylie both come from very different families, but they do have one thing in common and that is fame. The difference between both girls is the way they handle the intense attention they both receive on a daily basis.

While Malia is looking at colleges, Kylie is dating a 20-something father of one and just moved into her first mansion. Malia is educated and Kylie runs her own hair extension company. While, yes, they both are successful at what they both do, it will still make you wonder: Is having a “momager” (a mother as your manager) the best thing for a 17 year old girl? Or is it dangerous?

Here are some of the main reasons Kris Jenner might not be the most politically correct Mommy, but deserves the title of world’s best Momager:

1. She invented Kim Kardashian.

Literally, Kris gave birth to Kimberly, bringing her into this world, as a brand and business. Kris knew for a fact that having her daughter’s sex tape plastered all over the internet for everyone to see will be business opportunity that will turn her daughter into the most famous woman in the world, which, believe it or not, like it or not, is 100 percent true.

2. She then built an empire off of her.

The fact of the matter is that the Kardashian family brand started with Kim and her sex tape, but it was built from the ground up solely by Kris. Kris is the manager of all six of her kids, herself, and at one point, was even the manager of her ex-husband Bruce Jenner, who know infamously is known as Cait.

While people all over bash them for riding on the coat tails, or lack thereof, of sister Kim, each of the Kardashian kids have went on to be cash cows for their own individual business ventures and mama Kris was there to help cross all the T’s and dot the I’s.

3. She encourages her kids to try new stuff & work really hard… as long as she gets her 10 percent.

Moms gotta’ get paid, too! She’s led KimKhloe and Kourtney, and eventually Kylie and Kendall, to all try their run in the music industry (remember Kim’s song, “Jam”? Yeah, me neither), on the big screen, TV acting, clothing/jewelry designing, modeling, and pretty much anything else they can get their name locked into, but she eventually realized they could cash out and get paid for simply being themselves. And, that’s where it REALLY started. Hence…

4. She’s executive producer and creator of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

5. She won’t make her kids do anything she isn’t willing to do.



6. She somehow turned Keeping Up With the Kardashians into her own show.

Well, she tried at least. Kris landed her own daytime talk show simply named Kris that filmed right in the living room of her own show. She sat down and chatted with her own kids, Kanye West, made special announcements and spilled insider secrets from KUWTK. Eventually, the show failed but I’m sure it didn’t hurt Kris’ feelings… or bank account.

7. She knows how to pick favorites correctly…

8. …And, how to keep her family in the spotlight.

Even if that’s just a front row seat at a fashion show, Kris knows that more people will pay attention to Kim than whichever designer is showing. Guess who always gets a seat in the front row next to Kim, too.

9. Back in 2012, when no one really cared about Kendall and Kylie, Kris got them a modeling job on America’s Next Top Model.

10. And, now Kendall is an actual top model.

She’s done runway for the likes of Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, and Marc Jacobs and has covered legitimate international fashion magazines. Guess who tagged along to Fashion Week with her?

11. She knows that family supports family.

In terms of brand loyalty, of course.

12. She found a way to support Bruce…and get a KUWTK two-night special.

If Kris had appeared in Bruce Jenner‘s groundbreaking interview with Diane Sawyer, would as many people have been interested in a follow-up special on E! that focused on the Kardashians? Shrewdly, Kris and her children remained off camera for ABC — instead, they tweeted their support — then secured two hours of primetime for themselves.

13. She knows how to protect her family. And, her business.

Apparently when you walk into Kris’ home, there’s a stack of non-disclosure agreements in her foyer with a sign that reads, “What we say here, what we see here, let it stay here, when we leave here”. (This according to a New York Times profile on her.)

14. And, she knows that, as a momager, the line between “mom” and “manager” tends to blur.

Just look at her Twitter profile: “MOM, MANAGER, MOMAGER, LOVER OF LIFE, LOVER OF CHRIST”. The mom and manager are only a comma apart. But, she’s also made sure her family is secure for life — Kim made a reported $28 million last year alone — and isn’t that what parents are supposed to do?

In summary:

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