Paris Hilton Sues TV Station Over Plane Crash Prank


What happens when you find yourself facing your biggest fear?

Socialite Paris Hilton had to learn the hard way. The hotel heiress had the scare of her life when she went on a promotional tour in Dubai. Appearing in an episode of a TV show called Ramez in Control (Ramze Wakel Elgaw), she was invited by host Ramez Galal for a 15-minute ride on a plane for an aerial tour of the city with other passengers.

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Things went terribly wrong when ­­­the plane’s engine started to splutter and the emergency alarm began ringing. Caught off-guard, a terrified Paris asked the host whether or not the situation was normal.

The passengers on board began screaming, and some were given parachutes to save themselves from the crash. Paris seriously thought that she was going to die.

As it turned out, the pilot was performing aerial stunts with the passengers on board in an elaborate prank to give their American guest a scare. The plane landed safely on the runway, and the host revealed the that it was just a prank.

Unfortunately for him, Paris was not impressed about the prank. In fact, she was terrified, shaking, and in tears, as her biggest fear has been to die in a plane crash—a realistic one considering how she’s always traveling by air.

A few days after the prank, the celebrity said that she’s planning on suing the show and whoever was responsible for the cruel joke.

Guess that showed the producers of Ramez in Control not to mess with a rich heiress.

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