The ‘Pregnant Man’ Finalizes His Divorce and Is Ready to Marry Again


A few years ago, we heard about a pregnant man who gave birth to three children during his transition from woman to man. Now that man is finalizing his divorce from the woman he had children with.

Thomas Beatie from Hawaii separated from his wife, Nancy, in 2012 after footage emerged of her attacking him and mishandling their child.

Beatie made headlines in 2007 when he became the first transgender man to become pregnant. He has since been accused by his ex-wife of stalking her and installing a GPS tracker in her car.

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The bitter split was further complicated by the court system when a lower court judge denied the divorce request because of Arizona’s ban on same-sex marriages, meaning their marriage was not recognized at valid. The Arizona Court of Appeals overturned the ban.

It is only now that the former couple have been granted a formal separation on the condition that Beatie will give his shark tooth collection over to his ex-wife.

The father of three has been collecting shark teeth since 2006, and his collection includes the rare tooth of an extinct species.


Thomas Beatie finally agreed to give up his prized collection so he could put an end to their bitter divorce battle. He is now planning to marry his long-term partner, Amber Nicholas.

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The photos above show Mr. Beatie before and during his pregnancy.

Born as a woman named Tracy Lagondino in 1974, Beatie says he has always wanted to be a man. In his twenties, he began his transition by taking testosterone injection, which gave him a lower voice and facial hair, and changed his sexual organs.

Beatie met his ex-wife, Nancy, shortly after he began his transition. Nancy is older than him, with two daughters from a previous marriage. At the age of 28, she had a hysterectomy.


They married in Hawaii in 2003.

At the time of the marriage, Beatie already had a hysterectomy to remove his breasts, and his hormone treatment gave him an outwardly male appearance. He kept his female sexual organs so that they could have children.

After buying sperm from an anonymous donor, Beatie underwent artificial insemination. He became pregnant in 2007 and had two more children in quick succession. He told reporters that he just wanted to have children.

By 2012, their relationship had soured. Beatie was given full custody of the children after he accused Nancy of being a violent alcoholic.

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Beatie showed footage he recorded of his ex-wife hitting him on the head with a cushion and dragging their daughter into the kitchen. But they have now reached a settlement and share custody of the children.

Beatie has already completed gender realignment surgery and will marry his girlfriend Amber.

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