Prince George Is a Show-Stealer at His Sister’s Christening


Princess Charlotte was supposed to be the center of the show, but turns up her older brother Prince George got all the cameras pointed at him as she was too young to get out of her pram. If only Prince George could talk . . .

1. “Who wears it better? My father or me?”

People enjoyed his outfit and how similar he looked to his father, Prince William.


2. “I can probably help in wheeling my sister.”

He gave serious thought to rolling his sister out the picture.


3. “Do I look good from this angle?”

But one guy completely stole the limelight - the third in line to the throne, Prince George.


4. “I’m not yet an adult. I can’t walk too far for long.”

At one point he gave up on the whole walking nonsense.


5. “I wonder if I could find a playmate around.”

Sometimes he got a little bored.




6. “Would you like to play with me?”

He had a lot of questions about the Queen's choice of hat.


7. “This is my sister’s moment, but all eyes should be on me as well.”

You may have heard that it was Princess Charlotte's christening at the weekend.


8. “Yes, please. Find me a playmate!”

But was over it pretty quickly.


9. “I think I found one!”

His posing was exquisite.


10. “I wish my sister would grow fast enough to play with me.”

And when little sis Charlotte was looking for some love, George wasn't interested.


11. “Hey, sis. Grow up fast, will you?”

And on occasion wanted to know what all the fuss was about.


12. “Where are we going now?”

He was totally cool walking through the crowds.


13. “What’s all the fuss about? I can no longer stand being here.”

The royal family were out in force for the ceremony at St Mary Magdalene church in Sandringham on Sunday.


14. “You should have let me bring my toy with me, Dad.”

And for a brief moment all eyes weren't on Prince George, which was upsetting.


15. “Now I’m really gonna break down.”

But it didn't last long.



16. “Look at me strut.”

Look at the strut.


17. “It’s my day too!”

Because this was Prince George's day to shine.


18. “So I’ll get photographed as much as I want too.”

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