15 Random Facts About Adele You Need to Say ‘Hello’ To


After a three-year hiatus, British singer Adele says “Hello” to the world again with her highly anticipated third studio album, which was released on November 20.

During her much needed break, Adele focused on her new family as she gave birth to her son, Angelo, with boyfriend Simon Konecki.

When her newest album, 25, was released, fans were happy and satisfied to her the diva’s voice again. So in celebration of her successful comeback, we present you 15 random facts about our favorite soul singer.

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1. For 94 days, her son’s name was kept a secret and was revealed on her necklace—Angelo


2. Adele currently lives in what they call as Hove’s Millionaire’s Row in Brighton, England

Prior to living there, Adele had a ten-bedroom mansion but admitted that nine of the rooms would never be used, and so she later sold it.


3. Once, she had  to cancel a tour due to a vocal cord hemorrhage

She’s also revealed that most of it was down to an unstable relationship with a boyfriend.


4. She likes two sugars in her tea


5. During the adverts of X Factor on October 18, 2015, Adele teased her new music, which played for thirty seconds

And that short moment was enough for the Twitterworld to explode with wild excitement.


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