Robin Williams’ Last Movie Trailer Released



Just before all his work could hit the big screen, Robin Williams passed away. And at last on June 17, 2015, the trailer of his final film, Boulevard, was released.

In the film, the iconic comedian plays Nolan, a bank manager whose life is breaking down beneath his feet. But, in the long run, he meets a younger man, who makes him realize the things he has been avoiding his whole life.

Obviously, he nailed his performance. Prairie Miller of WBAI Radio even said Williams’s performance was candid, courageous, and compassionate, something that is undeniable.

Even if his life was short-lived, he definitely made us laugh and became an inspiration for people all over the world. Although the world has lost one brilliant actor like him, one thing is for sure. His legacy lives on.

Boulevard was released on July 10, 2015 worldwide.


Check out Robin William’s final performance in the trailer of Boulevard:


Here are some of the final films Robin Williams took part in:

Merry Friggin’ Christmas




Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb





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