See TV Voice Over Actor From the 90s …Now an Instagram Hottie!


Every now and then, a new Instagram star emerges online. Today you’re going to feast your eyes on your next Instagram obsession: Lane Toran. Lane has the looks that will make you want to go #hipster any day, but it isn’t what makes him the talk of the town. It’s what he used to do before he became one of the Instagram hotties.

Lane used to work as a voice-over actor for the title character of the TV classic Hey Arnold!

That’s right, he’s the man behind that lovable football head fourth grader. The way Lane looks like right now makes us want to take a cue from Helga Pataki and have our own heart-shaped frame with his pic to take with us wherever we go.

Feel free to go over this gallery of Lane and all of his bearded glory.

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It’s the original squad goals. Hey Arnold! was a popular show for many 90s kids. The show chronicled the life of everyone’s favorite football head and his equally quirky friends

Lane seems shocked with how his looks are starting to get recognition online, like how one of his photos received 10,000 notes on microblogging site Tumblr

He’s done a bit of acting over the years, appearing in minor roles in the small screen like Nashville and Satisfaction

Who knew how many times we overlooked him on TV or the Internet?

Cøffee date w @violet_le_frenchie A photo posted by Lane Toran (@lane_toran) on

Doesn’t look like a football head to me!

Photo by @gilsphotography | Styled by @fabriceguyont

A photo posted by Lane Toran (@lane_toran) on

That beard is long enough to reel us in and tug on our heartstrings

Those eyes are worthy of a bubblegum shrine

Night insta

A photo posted by Lane Toran (@lane_toran) on

And while we’re at it, let’s include his tattoo collection

Don’t you just want to run your hands over those tousled locks?

Gettin ready for #manbunmonday ya feel? A photo posted by Lane Toran (@lane_toran) on

Man bun Monday. Now that’s something we can deal with every week

Sussing out some parts. Song’s almost done. Happy Sunday A photo posted by Lane Toran (@lane_toran) on

Seriously, he’s going to give Harry Styles a run for his money with that hair

Thanks for sorting me out today @iamdanielwinter ???? A photo posted by Lane Toran (@lane_toran) on

Hey Arnold! should have a live-action movie adaption starring Lane

Photo by the hard one @gilsphotography | @pandco A photo posted by Lane Toran (@lane_toran) on

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