See Why This Lingerie Model Is Left Bedridden After Being Bit By….


Michelle De Feo is a popular and beautiful model. She has done some pretty sexy photo shoots for Max Power, Zoo, and Nuts.

Unfortunately, until now, De Feo isn’t feeling very well. It’s already been a year since she was diagnosed with Lyme disease.



Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is transmitted by ticks. She acquired the disease after she was bitten by one.

Before she contracted the disease, De Feo was diagnosed with depression, and the 23-year-old model has spent $11,009 on private treatment.

De Feo is still struggling with the effects brought by the disease. There would be days when she would be bedridden due to the constant vertigo and migraines. She must also take oxygen and intravenous antibiotics for hours at a time every single day.

Her General Practitioner’s (GP) misdiagnosis and the incorrect medications she received prior to fully understanding that she rather had Lyme disease only made matters worse.

Her GP was doubtful when she talked about the probability of her getting the bacterial infection. De Feo finally discovered that she did contract the disease caused by the bacteria when she paid $660 for a meticulous test to be performed in Germany after a friend told her about Lyme disease.

Michelle De Feo is fighting the disease, and she is also doing her best to recover. It wouldn’t be long till she poses again for the cameras.



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