Taylor Swift’s Twin in Australia? You Be the Judge!


Seems like Taylor Swift has found her twin halfway across the globe!



Olivia Sturgess, a 19-year-old “Swiftie” from New South Wales, got to meet her idol during the singer’s concert in Melbourne last December 11. She had been a long time Instagram star on her own too, with people from around the world commenting on her uncanny resemblance to the American pop superstar.

When Olivia isn’t preparing photos to upload for her Instagram fans to marvel at, she works as a retail assistant in Target. Even then, she still gets compliments for looking like Taylor. “I think it’s just the facial structure. I’ve got small eyes and bigger lips like her,” she told the Daily Mail. “Sometimes I won’t wear makeup at all and still get told I look like her.”



Olivia dyed her hair to match  that of Taylor. She pairs off her look with that signature red lip and winged liner.

“The clothing and stuff—we’ve actually got pretty similar taste. I don’t really consciously dress like her,” she added. “I wear red lipstick because it’s a Taylor Swift concert.”

Taylor and Olivia don’t just share that blonde bombshell look, they also share the same love for their mothers. But Olivia unfortunately lost her mom to uterine cancer this year, around the same time Taylor announced that her mother was diagnosed with cancer.



Here is the photo of Taylor finally meeting her doppelganger backstage during the 1989 Concert Tour in Melbourne:

Do you think they can pass as twins? We’ll let you decide.



Watch Olivia in these videos below.

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