Teen Expertly Edits Herself into Photos with Celebrities Using Only Her Phone


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“I started editing photos on my phone and iPad after a friend and I joked about meeting Drake,” she told NextShark. “I made an edit of myself and the rapper as a joke between the two of us, and to my surprise, she thought it was real!”

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Now what started out as a joke between friends has turned into a hobby.

“Ever since the hilarious reaction to my first edit, I made more and more pictures with different celebrities as a joke between my friends. I decided to make an Instagram account dedicated solely to my editing work because I wanted a place to showcase my pictures to friends and family,” she shared.


Phung added, “I use my phone for all my editing. I don’t use my computer at all and I actually don’t use Photoshop either. I use a combination of apps like PicsArt, Enlight, and Instagram to edit my photos.”

She was 16 when she first started retouching photos on her phone. She said that she learned editing through trial and error.

People can’t be blamed for thinking it’s real because of her excellent editing skills. She created an Instagram account solely for keeping it in one place and showcasing her pictures online. Phung says it takes her approximately 10 to 30 minutes to edit each picture.

She reveals to Daily Mail, “When I alter an image, I need to take into account the perspective and colors of both myself, the celebrity, and the background.”

“I like Photoshopping myself with celebrities who have large fanbases like the Kardashians. Lots of users who come on my page actually believe I’ve met the stars I edit myself with and have a good laugh when they realize it’s digitally altered.”

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Phung’s editing skills are so good that her inbox is full of e-mails from people requesting to edit them into celebrity photos too.

She tells NextShark that she’s thrilled to go to college and she plans to be a pre-med and music major. She dreams to became a piano teacher and/or surgeon in the near future.

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