The Best ‘Seinfeld’ Baseball Cameos …Do You Remember These Classics?


We all know how Jerry loved baseball.  It was a repeated theme throughout the Seinfeld series. There was a Mets cap and Yankees cap displayed in his apartment, and he was often seen watching baseball games on TV and the stadium. Of course, we can’t forget how our beloved George worked for the Yankees and it seemed at one point we would get cameos from each member of the Yankees.

The comedian in real-life is a die hard Mets fan. During the course of the show’s nine seasons, there were many cameos and the sport of baseball was mentioned a great deal. So we offer here our collection of our best remembered Seinfeld cameos from our baseball heroes.

Mickey Mantle in “The Visa” episode

While baseball legend Mickey Mantle never actually appeared in an episode, he was talked about in five episodes. In “The Implant” episode, Jerry says that his girlfriend having fake breasts is like finding out Mantle corked his bat. “The Visa” was where Kramer described being involved in a fight while at the Yankees fantasy camp.

Roger McDowell in “The Boyfriend”



Pitcher Roger McDowell had a small role in the episode, but it was part of Jerry’s reenactment of the spitting incident that made Kramer and Newman turn against Keith Hernandez. An instant classic that also integrated the JFK conspiracy theories!

Phil Rizzuto in “The Pothole”

You could hear the voice of Phil Rizzuto in George’s keychain. While it isn’t a cameo, it’s truly the voice of a legend that you hear.

Paul O’Neill in “The Wink”

Paul O’Neill showcased some very good acting skills when Kramer talks to him to suggest he hit two home runs for a sick kid in a hospital.



Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams in “The Abstinence”

In this episode, abstinence turned George into a genius and Yankees’ All-Stars Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams get lessons from him.

Jeter has also made a cameo in the Will Ferrell movie The Other Guys where he was able to show off better acting skills.

Danny Tartabull in “The Pledge Drive” and “The Chaperone”

Danny Tartabull signed a $27 million five-year contract to be the Yankees next great star for the 1992 season. He also earned some Seinfeld fans after making appearances in two episodes. One episode showed him making the massive mistake of suggesting cotton uniforms for the team, but his more memorable appearance was the one involving eating a doughnut with a knife and fork.

George Steinbrenner

Former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner was the boss who talked nonstop. In the show, George worked for the Yankees for a few seasons, and The Boss was mentioned several times. The Yankees boss liked almost everything about his portrayal, and he even made a cameo but was cut from the final product.




Buck Showalter in “The Chaperone”

He’s now the manager for the Baltimore Orioles, but when he was the Yankees manager from 1992–1995, Buck Showalter went on the Late Night with David Letterman and one episode of Seinfeld where he agreed to change the team uniforms from polyester to cotton.

Keith Hernandez in “The Boyfriend” (Parts 1 and 2) and “The Finale”

Keith Hernandez was a big part of some of the most famous story-lines like the spitting incident and was hated by Kramer and Newman.

Joe DiMaggio in “The Note”

The legendary Joe DiMaggio would not be caught dead in a small doughnut shop, but on Seinfeld,  that’s where Kramer spots him.



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