Check out Major Celebrities with Their Stunt Doubles – These Are Awesome!



When actors have challenging scenes, they usually rely on their stunt doubles. This dangerous and dirty work is done by these stunt performers, so the awesome action scenes we look for in movies can be created. From hopping on trains to leaping off cliffs, they do all the stunts that insurance companies won’t let the famous stars do.

So, let’s take a look at these photos of a number of superstars and their doubles. Some are remarkable lookalikes, while others aren’t.

Shia Labeouf


Megan Fox


Sacha Baron Cohen


Quvenzhane Wallis


Patrick Dempsey


Anne Hathaway


Taylor Lautner


Jennifer Lopez


Lena Dunham



Andrew Garfield



Harrison Ford


Reese Witherspoon


Chris Hemsworth


Uma Thurman


Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston


Carrie Fisher


Mark Wahlberg


Mark Ruffalo


Johnny Depp


Natalie Portman




January Jones


Robert Pattinson


Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz


Bruce Willis


Daniel Craig


Brad Pitt


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