Trace Morgan Is Back to ‘SNL’ …And He Brought His Whole ’30 Rock’ Gang with Him


No matter how memorable episodes of SNL are, nothing beats the most recent one that featured the return of Tracy Morgan. After being involved in a horrendous accident that almost ended his life, he went back in front of the camera, telling jokes and doing hilarious spoofs. But what makes the episode more exciting is that he was reunited with the original cast of 30 Rock.

Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Jack McBrayer, and Jane Krakowski were there. However, Dr. Spaceman was absent. Still, it was great to see everyone again in the office of Jack Donaghy. 

Although the gang happily exchanged Psy jokes, Tina Fey‘s message was among those that really caught the attention of the viewers. She said, “We’re so happy that you’re OK, but we’re even happier that you’re ready to make people laugh again.”




Morgan just recalled, “I was in a terrible car accident more than a year ago. It was awful, but it also showed me how much love and support I have in this world. People are wondering, ‘Can he speak? Does he have 100 percent mental capacity?’ The truth is, I never did. I might even be a few points higher.”


Watch Tracy Morgan deliver his monologue in the video below.