Twerking Master Teaches the World to Bounce Their Booties


Panterra admitted that twerking has taken her places. She now owns her dream car, a Mercedes Benz. She has also taken twerking to different countries such as Argentina and London. In her words, “I really can’t say where the idea came from to teach the world to twerk, but I knew it was going to be big.You can burn 1,200 calories in an hour, and it’s a full body workout  I knew it would catch on.”

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Among her supporters is her father, Tony, who despite the raunchy moves that his daughter does, is on board with her twerking business. Just don’t ask him to try it out himself.

“I would like to try it myself, but I’ve got a lot of injuries from motorcycle riding, so I struggle to walk in a straight line let alone twerk,” Tony said. “I’ll leave the twerking to Lexy.”

Branching out with her twerking business, Panterra has designed an app and creates more body-shaking songs that inspire workouts.

But what Panterra can’t do is find a man who can keep up with her fast-paced and energetic lifestyle.

“I would really like to meet a nice guy but I’ve got to travel across the country, often for weeks at a time to teach people to twerk and get fit,” Panterra said.  “Once things have settled down maybe TwerkOut can look after itself and I can find a nice husband—that’s what I’d really like.”

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