Poor Street Vendor Accidentally Meets a Star and Becomes a Famous Model


From bread seller to international model, 27-year-old Olajumoke Orisaguna would have never guessed that photobombing a shoot can change her life.

“Who is she? Everyone has been asking if this lady is a model. It was just perfect coincidence,” Ty Bello, the photographer who captured Olajumoke, first captioned on photo-sharing site Instagram.

It started out in the streets of Lagos,  the largest city in Nigeria. Renowned photographer Bello and Nigerian-born rapper Tinie Tempah were in the middle of a photoshoot when Olajumoke stepped in the shot. She was quick to gain everyone’s attention. Bello, in particular, reached out to her, and in the end, it landed the photogenic bread-seller not just a modeling contract but her very own cover shoot as well.

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Olajumoke, who is a mother of two, worked as a bread-seller in the streets of Lagos.

She and photographer Ty Bello unexpectedly cross paths in what can only be a true-to-life fairy tale



By February 4, Bello and Olajumoke were formally introduced to each other

She shared a series of photos detailing Olajumoke’s inspiring story online

Bello has shared her hope that her muse finds success after years of working hard. Olajumoke is currently a model for Few Modeling Agency.

Olajumoke’s big break came when she graced the cover of Style magazine.

Bello was stunned on how natural the Nigerian beauty can come across in front of the camera. She shot the Style magazine photoshoot with her 14-month-old baby and the results were nothing short of stunning.

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