Former Waitress Earns $13,000 a Week as Kate Middleton Lookalike


Yes, there is such a thing as professional double. Meet one, Kate Middle Heidi Agan, 35 years old from Corby, Northamptonshire. And you wouldn’t believe how much she earns just by being a Kate Middleton lookalike.

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In November 2010, Prince William and Kate went public with their engagement and at the time,  Kate Agan was working as a waitress at a local shop Frankie & Benny’s.

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The customers noticed her likeness with the Prince’s then fiancée. At first, she just brushed it off as a compliment and didn’t think about it much, but several months after the royal wedding, diners started asking for selfies with her. She thought she could make money from looking like the duchess.

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After contacting some lookalike agencies, Kate Agan started a new career as a Kate Middleton lookalike.

Her first job was for Gatwick Airport promotion in preparation of the London 2012 Olympics. To prepare for her new role, Kate Agan would study videos and photos and mimic Kate’s mannerisms, like the way she whisks her hair and moves her mouth.


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