Watch Masseuse’s Reaction When David Beckham Suddenly Shows Up, Asking for a Massage


The audience knew that it would be another hour filled with laughter and fun when a masseuse was invited by the famous comedian Ellen DeGeneres to her show.

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A room was set up for the masseuse where she was asked to wait for her unnamed customer. Then a man, whom every girl in the world is probably familiar with, greeted her when she opened the door.

“Hello, nice to meet you! You know who I am right?” the unexpected customer told the lady with a wide smile on his face.

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Though she could hardly hide her surprise, the masseuse maintained her calm, which is actually praiseworthy, considering the fact that her visitor is not someone you get to meet at a coffee shop every day or take the subway with.

Her guest? It was none other than famous athlete David Beckham, who told her that he didn’t want to be an actor at the moment and requested to be called Ricky instead.

David shared that he was impressed with the way the masseuse tried to react professionally, even though it was obvious that she was about to lose her cool and was still processing what was really happening.



The lucky lady didn’t know that the famous model and former football player was actually acting according to Ellen’s instructions. He was wearing an ear piece so he could hear everything Ellen wanted him to do and say.

So basically, David was just mimicking every word Ellen said, but it turned out to be more hilarious than it already was.


The video of David’s surprise visit went viral, so he and Ellen teamed up again to do another prank. And for the second time, Ellen sent the model to their new target, and the TV personality acted as an employee this time.

As to the lucky masseuse, a lot of ladies are wishing to have the same luck as hers. But unluckily, no one knows when David will be willing to take a break from his hectic schedule again to help Ellen with her pranks.

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