You Won’t Believe the Bizarre Beauty Treatments of These Celebs!

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Rugby player Sonny Bill Williams posted a photo of him getting his detoxification treatment that experts say helps promote blood flow. He follows a process called Hijama, a painful treatment that involves cutting skin and drawing out blood.

The image caused quite a stir in social media, some praising it and others cringing at how painful it looks. But this bizarre form of treatment isn’t something new. Let’s take a look at the most bizarre beauty treatments celebrities just to win their never-ending fight against aging.

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Williams isn’t the first A-Lister to practice this type of cupping therapy. Gwyneth Paltrow has walked the red carpet bearing similar marks on her back because of the treatment. Jennifer Aniston once tried this too.

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Kim K’s Vampire Facial

Kim Kardashian has a strange beauty regime herself, she once posted a photo of her getting a “vampire” facial. The nonsurgical procedure is done by taking out the patient’s blood, then removing the platelets through a centrifuge. After which, it is injected to the face while numbing cream is applied to lessen the pain.

The controversial procedure has drawn many violent reactions from professionals, but the results seem to work for Kim K. She always has a youthful glow on her face.


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