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They say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But, if your doctor is as hot as Gabriel Prado, would you still want to eat an apple? Well, if you ask us, we probably won’t.

If you’re having problems with your mind, and you’re looking for someone to keep your thoughts at ease, then Gabriel is the person you should run to.

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Gabriel Prado

Gabriel may have the good-looks of a model, but he isn’t one. He is actually a doctor. However, among others in his profession, he seems to be a true standout. He is an out-going person, which means he is always ready for some fun and adventure. In fact, he loves sports the most.

Gabriel from Sao Paolo

Gabriel likes to involve himself in various sports – from something relaxing like yoga to something as extreme as surfing.

Gabriel from Sao Paolo

Oftentimes, this hottie is spotted in the gym with his buddies, lifting some weights. But still, he does other activities, like wall climbing, badminton, and boxing.

Hot Doctor from Bazil Gabriel Prado

When he isn’t out, he works as a neurologist at Santa Viraliza of Mercy Nursing Home.

Gabriel in Rio

Gabriel resides in Sao Paolo, Brazil, which is home of the Blue Cockatoo in the animated film, Rio.

Hot Doctor Gabriel Prado

It was only in 2014 when the 26-year-old neurologist became popular on social media after blogger Hugo Gloss shared his photo with Gabriel and other handsome and hot doctors working in the same hospital. To date, Gabriel already has more than 177,000 followers on Instagram, making him an instant celebrity.

Gabriel from Sao Paolo

Apart from being a sports enthusiast, he also spends time with his friends and participates in various events.

Gabriel from Sao Paolo

Although he likes to attend parties, he also chills out inside his house.

Gabriel from Sao Paolo

Gabriel has two younger siblings, as shown in the photo above. And obviously, they are all blessed with good looks.

Gabriel from Sao Paolo

The photo above is his childhood picture.

Gabriel Prado

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