Chinese Newlyweds’ South Pole Post-Wedding Photoshoot

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In every girl’s list of dreams, there are two things that never go missing—to meet her dream guy and have her dream wedding with him. After the fairy tale-like walk down the aisle, a photo op follows that. But while every couple just wants to stay at the wedding hall for another hour of taking photos to keep, a newlywed couple from China didn’t want to keep still. What they did—they flew to Antarctica to pose with the penguins.

White wedding: There were no cold feet for this couple - who posed up after their ceremony in Antarctica

Although their deed was deemed an embarrassment by the people from their home country, these newlyweds sure did the time of their life when they had a whole hour of standing with the penguins.

Walking down the icicle: While friends and family went for padded jackets, the bride wore a strapless dress

They sure didn’t have any cold feet as they braved the sub-zero temperature in the South Pole just to get the best photos. The bride was even wearing a strapless dress and her groom was, well, in a penguin-like outfit.

Snow regrets: The couple had the time of their lives - but these photos prompted frustration back home

Chinese have always been known for frequenting the grounds of the cold place. Apart from the United States and Australia, China sends the highest number of tourists to Antarctica, numbering to thousands. In 2013, a couple also went to Antarctica to build the coldest-but-happiest memory of their life.

Zhang Xinyu and Liang Hong from Beijing, China, got wed in Antarctica on February 2014. It was a promise from the groom that he would give her wife a unique gift—a proposal in the Arctic and a marriage in Antarctica. Amazingly enough, it did happen.

Zhang and Liang shared their plan in a press conference in Los Angeles before they set off.



Then the couple literally traveled around the world just to get wed. In January 2012, Zhang proposed to Liang under a negative 72-degree weather in the North Pole. After that, they saved up money to buy a boat and learned sailing as they felt the need for it, if they want to pursue with the challenging journey.

In July 2013, they set sail together with their friends. They registered their marriage in Las Vegas on October 15 of the same year. After a few months, they finally reached the South Pole, after 231 days of travel in 30 cities from 24 countries. They were the first couple to get wed in the South Pole.

It’s amazing how much and how far people do just for the sake of building the best memories. Nevertheless, as long as these couples are happy, nothing should matter more.

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