Creepy Doll Left Hidden in Closet

Creepy Doll Left Hidden in Closet to Keep Owner Family Safe

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Not everything sinister comes in the form of a moving creature that has eyes and limbs. Some evil in the world can be felt from something that is seemingly incapable of fighting back.

Just like this doll owned by a family in Australia.

Fee Welch is a big fan of horror movies, but no scary film could have prepared her for the fear induced by a toy her family somehow got a hold of decades ago. The Rockhampton woman shared that her family had to keep the doll hidden in their closet—or else, something bad will happen.

Aussie Woman Unwraps Creepy Doll Left Hidden in Closet for 40 Years

The evil-looking doll was tucked inside Welch’s wardrobe—has been for so long—until a friend found it while cleaning up. She said she was supposed to throw it, but her husband told her not to. Getting rid of it would have been the better move, though, now thinking about it, because every time the doll is taken out, her family gets sick.

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As bone-chilling as it looks, the doll has a pretty angelic name: Sadi. Sadi was Welch’s sister’s childhood toy. Her mom brought her home as a gift to her sibling four decades ago. But according to Welch, unlike the dolls we see kids play with, Sadi was never a cosy one. The first time her kids took a look at the doll, Welch’s daughter described her as weird, while her son told her to “chop her up and get rid of her ASAP.”

The Aussie mom’s kids aren’t the only ones urging her to dispose of Sadi. When she shared a photo of the doll online, she was shocked to receive a number of comments suggesting she throw the toy away.

“People were saying things like ‘It looks like it belongs in the horror movie Chucky,’ ‘Get it out of your house,’ and ‘Take all the arms and legs off it and burn it,'” Welch recalled.

Welch said that she’s tried a lot of times to get rid of Sadi, but somehow, the doll keeps turning up. Or sometimes, a man in the household will bring it back in because oddly enough, the men like Sadi.

” . . . my mum did exactly the same thing years ago, she found her in an old box and went to chuck her out. But my dad stopped her and said, ‘What are you throwing her out for, she’s cute!’ It’s weird, the men like her,” Welch told Daily Mail Australia.

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Sadi may be one of the scariest, but she is not the first doll to make headlines. Annabelle doll, for one, even gave birth to a string of movies. Annabelle was a doll given to a girl named Donna in 1970. There seemed to be no problem until Donna and her roommate noticed the toy switched positions when nobody was looking and even moved around the apartment.

Aside from Annabelle, there’s Robert the doll, Okiku, and Mandy. And if that isn’t enough for you, Mexico City has an entire island full of creepy-looking dolls that will surely send chills down your spine.

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