14 Epic Christmas Light Displays That’ll Inspire You This Holiday Season


It’s the most well-lit time of the year! Time to start sketching up ideas on how best to blow out fuses and brown out city blocks in an attempt to show how festive you are. Before you begin, take a crack at these crazy displays.

1. We would surely end up flat on our faces, so trippy


2. So many lights! It feels like an optical illusion poster

3. Have a happy ‘hood Christmas

4. This house, though. So colorful!

Christmas lights



5. And, again: So pristine!

Christmas lights

6. These white lights are falling from the sky

7. Biggest collection of plastic creatures in the world?

8. Because ‘Murica!

Christmas lights



9. Does this make anyone else’s nose bleed? Love it!

Christmas lights

10. This family clearly walked into Lowe’s and said, “We’ll take one of each!”

11. And this, people, is what 420,000 lights looks like

Christmas lights



12. Meanwhile, everyone on the block hates these people

13. And this family knows how to make a winter wonderland, even in Florida

14. These people might win, though; it’s coordinated to their local radio station!

Is your mind blown? Ours is! Good luck trying to top these this year.



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