18 Products That Clearly Don’t Tell You How to Use Them …See How!

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No matter how smart you are, there are obvious things you actually don’t realize, such as the proper way of using everyday items. This is because companies don’t always share the tricks on how to use their products properly. As a result, we end up doing things the wrong way.

What are we talking about? Let’s find out below.

Aluminum Foil


Reynolds Wrap has this one feature that you might probably be ignoring. At the side, there are press-in tabs that allow you to secure the aluminum foil in place. This way, you don’t need to worry about it flying out every time you tear off a sheet.

Tic Tac


When you violently shake the container of Tic Tac, sometimes, you get more than what you need. It’s because you are doing it wrong. The proper way of dispensing Tic Tac is by letting one mint glide into the lid of the container.

Extension Cords


If you don’t want the cords to get tangled up or disconnected, plug it onto a loop.

Peanut Butter


The proper way of storing a peanut butter is to put it upside down. Doing this will help distribute the oils evenly.

Pipe Cleaners

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Pipe cleaners are often used to create art projects for kids. However, did you know that they can also be used for cleaning an actual pipe?




Eating chocolates does have perks. So if you wish to easily break off a piece of Toblerone, do not pull away from it. Instead, pull toward the bar.



You probably haven’t noticed, but pots actually come with a built-in spoon rest.

Dental Floss


Never strangle your fingers again when using a dental floss. How? Simply tie it into a loop and you’re good to go.

Soft Drink Lids


Remove the lid from the top of the cup so that you will have a perfect coaster.

Juice Boxes


The sides of your juice box is designed for grasping. This can be used by your child in order to avoid spilling.

Applesauce and Yogurt


Have you ever found yourself eating directly from the cup of yogurt because there’s no spoon? Next time, fret not. You can create an improvised spoon using the foil lid.



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Ketchup Cups


You don’t have to grab several cups of ketchup. Pull apart at the edges of the cup to have more space.



Perhaps this is the most recognizable plunger. Though this is commonly used when there are clog problems, this doesn’t mean you may use it everywhere.


If you wish to unclog a toilet, you have to use a flange plunger. It is the type of plunger that doesn’t have a flat bottom.

Chinese Takeout Containers


Chinese takeout containers are actually designed to transform into a temporary plate. If there are leftovers, it can be reassembled into a box for proper storage.





To effectively brush your teeth, you only need to use a pea-sized amount. Normally, ads feature lots of toothpaste because it appears nice and it makes people use up more toothpaste.

Greek Yogurt Containers


Most of the time, you scoop the toppings of the Greek yogurt with a spoon. But have you noticed that the top holder can be folded over so that you can easily pour the toppings on top?


Toilet Seat Covers


The flap of the toilet seat is designed to be placed toward the front. Why? This prevents the problem of sitting down on the toilet seat, only to find out that you have already dragged it into the bowl.

Soda Cans


To stop the straw from popping out of the can when the soda fizzes, turn the tab around.



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