20 Amazing Uses for Mason Jars Around the House


Aside from being used in home canning to preserve a variety of foods, what other purpose does a mason jar serve?

The mason jar was first invented in 1858 by John Landis Mason, a Philadelphian tinsmith. Since then, his invention got a lot of names like ball jars, fruit jars, and glass canning jars. Although it was widely used to preserve food, people has now discovered numerous ways to put old mason jars to good use.

Whether you are organizing, packing gifts, or simply decorating, these ideas will surely help you:

1. Floating Candle Holders

2. DIY “Jar” of Noodles

3. A Mason Jar Candle

4. Container for Messy Salads

5. An Organizer for Kitchen Utensils



6.  A Mason Jar Chandelier

7. Metallic Mason Jar Vases

8. Upcycled Mason Jar Light Fixture

9. A Chic Soap Dispenser

10. A Bathroom Organizer



 11. A DIY Salt and Pepper Container

12. An Upside-Down Candle Holder

13. Cute Party Cups

14. Mounted Fresh Flower Vases

15. Dry Goods Storage



16. A Storage for Knick-Knacks

17. A Cool Snow Globe

18. An Outdoor Lighting System

19.  A Pasta Salad Container

20. An Ice Cream Storage

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