20 Cleaning Hacks That Will Greatly Simplify Your Life


Little things can sometimes get the way ahead of us. In our intention to keep everything sparkly clean to look out from the outside, we only focus on tidying, dusting, mopping, washing. We fail to realize that the inside of our gadgets or any household utilities need to be checked up once in a while to see how things are going down there. Don’t wait until it’s rotten and are good for the garbage dump before you check on them. Here are 20 household items and deep cleaning tips for each that you must try to keep them well and save on cash.

1. Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The gunk that accumulates in there can actually cause fire, so give them some attention every now and then. As cleaning them requires real tools, ask someone for help.

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2. Dryers

Aside from cleaning the lint trap, also take some time to clean the ducts.

20 Next Level Cleaning Tips

3. Cutting Boards

Simply soak them in a bleach solution.

20 Next Level Cleaning Tips

4. Air Vents

Air vents collect dust which they recirculate throughout your house. You can clean them even without taking them off your wall. All you’ll need is a cleaning spray, a butter knife, and a rag.

5. Oven

Leave a small bowl of ammonia inside at night. Get some restful sleep. Wipe it clean in the morning

20 Next Level Cleaning Tips



6. Carpet and Upholstery

Stained carpet and upholstery can be cleaned with just the use of a few items you have at home. Make a solution of one part vinegar and two parts water, then spray it on the stain. Place a damp rag over it. Iron the stain on the steam for half a minute. Stubborn stains may require a repeat or more.

20 Next Level Cleaning Tips

7. Shower Liner

This is one bathroom item that is often neglected. To clean, machine wash it on a warm cycle along with some towels, detergent, and a cup of vinegar. Or you can handwash it with detergent and water and some amount of scrubbing.

8. Bagless Vacuums

To keep them in functional shape, bagless vacuums need to be cleaned every two months by taking the pieces apart and washing them with clean water.

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9. Baseboards

After cleaning them, wipe them with a dryer sheet to keep pet hair and dust from sticking on them. This will help them keep clean longer.

10. Water Bottle

All you need is bleach, baking soda, and a small brush that can get into the nooks and crannies.


20 Next Level Cleaning Tips



11. Washing Machine

Since this machine keeps your clothes clean, it is just right to give it some TLC. Scrub the grime that accummulates on its surface with a gentle brush and detergent and water.


20 Next Level Cleaning Tips

12. Hairbrush

Will you brush your hair with some dirty hairbrush? If you know that dirt on hairbrushes causes oiliness and flyaways, for sure, you will clean them right away! First off, cut off the tangles of hair using scissors. Cut the hair lengthwise down the brush every two or three rows and between the bristles. Then, use the scissors to get underneath the hair and lift it off, manually removing any loose strands. When all the hair has been removed, soak your hairbrush in warm water with a bit of shampoo. Use a toothbrush to scrub between the bristles.


13. Electric Grill

After unplugging your electric grill, place a few layers of wet paper towels across the griddle. Close it, let is steaam until the grill is cool, then wipe off the mess.


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14. Oven Doors

Yes, the in-betweens of the glass panes of your oven door can be actually cleaned. But first, you have to disasemble your oven a bit to get to the spots that needed cleaning.


20 Next Level Cleaning Tips

15. Cabinets

Simply use a dish soap and a scrub brush to wipe your cabinets off. Wipe it after with a damp cloth.

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16. Pans

Scrub away the gunk that has stuck onto your pan with some vinegar, baking soda, water, and a scouring pad.

20 Next Level Cleaning Tips

17. Floor Tiles

Use a carpet cleaner and a scrub to clean the gap of your floor tiles.

18. Cupboards

To remove oil residues on your cupboards, most especially if your burner is just below it, mix together 1 part vegetable oil to 2 parts baking soda. Use a soft cloth or toothbrush to wipe away the grime.

20 Next Level Cleaning Tips

19. Dishwasher

Deep clean your dishwasher with some vinegar, baking soda, and a dishwasher safe cup.

20 Next Level Cleaning Tips

20. Dish Rack

Clean your dish rack in a big sink or tub (that can accommodate the size of your dish rack) with bleach, a toothbrush, and a soft cloth or sponge.

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