20 DIY Ideas to Turn Your Yard into a Surreal Paradise


Have you ever dreamed of having a backyard that looks exactly like it is ripped of from a page of a magazine or from a fairy tale book? Though it seems impossible at first, the reality is that it is really doable. You just have to use your creativity and imagination.

In order to achieve your dream of turning your yard into a fairy tale-like garden, here are some photos to inspire you.

Use colorful gems to make fancy stepping stones in your yard.

It couldn't be easier to <a href="http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/stepping_stones" target="_blank">make stepping stones</a> for your yard.

Create a vertical garden out of broken furniture pieces.

Make a cool vertical garden like <a href="http://www.manmadediy.com/users/chris/posts/3582-how-to-make-a-modern-space-saving-vertical-vegetable-garden" target="_blank">this one</a>.

Using beer bottles, create a beautiful garden barrier.

This cute garden barrier is made of upside-down beer bottles. Whoa!

Stones can be used to make an elegant fire pit.

This fire pit is elegant, but <a href="http://www.manmadediy.com/users/chris/posts/2618-how-to-make-a-diy-modern-concrete-fire-pit-from-scratch%20from" target="_blank">easy to make</a>.

Old furniture pieces can be transformed into a unique pathway.

This cute path is <a href="http://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/2011/07/from-dirt-to-pallet-wood-walkway-in.html" target="_blank">made from pallets</a>.



Use concrete to cover garden balls and turn them into gorgeous mosaic light reflectors.

Or, cover garden balls in concrete and make them into pretty mosaic light reflectors.

Using your old deck, create a comfortable daybed.

<a href="http://apprenticeextrovert.blogspot.com/2012/02/diy-outdoor-day-bed-reveal.html" target="_blank">Make a daybed</a> on your deck and curl up with a good book.

A lamp under a covered table makes a cool ambiance for a summer barbecue party.

If you're having a summer barbecue, a lamp under a covered table can create a cool ambience.

Use mirror spray paint to give your garden orbs a makeover.

Spray glass garden orbs with <a href="http://www.walmart.com/ip/17472671?wmlspartner=wlpa&amp;selectedSellerId=0&amp;adid=22222222227017872768&amp;wl0=&amp;wl1=g&amp;wl2=c&amp;wl3=40940065352&amp;wl4=&amp;wl5=pla&amp;wl6=78877024352&amp;veh=sem" target="_blank">mirror spray paint</a> to give them a makeover.

Turn your ladder into a beautiful planter.

...Or <a href="http://ana-white.com/2014/06/plans/cedar-vertical-tiered-ladder-garden-planter" target="_blank">this one</a>!



Mason jars make a divine vibe outdoors.

These mini mason jar lights add an ethereal vibe to any outdoor space.

An old bath tub can be transformed into a hybrid fountain-pond.

Make an old claw-foot tub into a backyard fountain-pond hybrid.

Make a beautiful planter out of old photo frames.

...Or even <a href="https://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/better-homes-gardens/gardening/h/19697363/how-to-make-a-succulent-vertical-garden/" target="_blank">THIS one</a>!

Whip up an intricate hammock using old ropes.

Do you know how to crochet? Then whip up a detailed hammock with <a href="http://www.ravelry.com/projects/min0u/pineapple-hammock" target="_blank">this pattern</a>.

Create a lovely feeder for butterflies using porcelain and jars.

Make <a href="http://www.ehow.com/way_5484767_homemade-butterfly-feeder.html" target="_blank">this pretty butterfly feeder</a> and watch the beautiful winged creatures flock.



Make pretty upcycled garden flowers using old glassware.

If you have some extra glassware around the house, you can make these pretty, upcycled garden flowers.

Add a layer of glass rocks over a pot to make plants look pretty.

Put a layer of glass rocks over potting soil. So pretty!

Use rope lights around things outdoors to give it a unique glow.

Wrap rope lights around anything outdoors to give it a warm glow.

Install DIY hanging screens to add some privacy in your yard.

Unused cloth always makes a great privacy screen.



Here are other DIY ideas you can apply outdoors:



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