20 DIY Organizing Ideas You Must Try



We all know that it is so hard to get anything done when everything in the house is a complete mess. And worse, cleaning it all up can be very daunting. Luckily, there are a couple of cleaning buffs, who came up with simple solutions to this problem. With their ideas, you don’t only organize things; you also save money because many of the things you will be using are already at home. Here are some of the best ideas:

1. Makeup Brush Organizer Using Bamboo Placemat

Makeup Brush Organizer

2. Accessory Rack from Old Screen Doors

Accessory Rack

3. DIY Pen and Marker Holder Using Paper Towel Rolls

DIY Pen and Marker Holder

4. Scarf Hanger

Scarf Hanger

5. Magnetic Dishes

Magnetic dishes



6. Lightweight Rack Made of Old Board and Bungee Cord

Bungee Cords: Good in the Home, Too

7. Use Pillowcases in Storing Bed Sheets

Sheets IN the pillowcase

8. Mason Jar Crafting

Mason Jar Crafting

9. Maximizing Shelves

Maximizing Shelves

10. Notebook Storage

Notebook Storage



11. Hidden Toothbrushes

Hidden Toothbrushes

12. Mason Jars Organizers

More Mason Jars!

13. Jar Containers

More jar ideas!

14. Recycled Organizers Using Old Cans and Containers

Recycled Organization

15. Cellphone Holder from Old Lotion Bottles



16. Artistic Earrings Organizer

Artistic Earrings

17. Spray Bottle Storage

Spray Bottle Storage

18. Peg Boards for Random Stuff

Peg Boards: Your New best Friend

19. An Upcycled Mail Organizer

An Upcycled Mail Organizer

20. Use Paper Clips to Organize Computer Cables and Cords

Keep Your Cords Untangled

With these DIY organizing ideas, you won’t only clean up the mess at home or at the office; you will also put other things to good use.

Here are other DIY organizing ideas you can try:

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