21 Secrets That Companies Use to Trick You Into Spending More Money- I Was Shocked!


You have no idea how many times that companies, industries, and businesses have tricked you into spending a lot on them.

Of course, a business would not have thrived without boosting their sales by making you believe that you need them, when in fact, you can have what you needed without their help.

Here are some secrets that they do not want you to know so you can continue to dump your money on them.

After reading these tips and tricks, you will be surprised how you have been wasting your salary into some dumb products and processes, when there are easy ways to get what you want and save money at the same time.

1.  Getting Fit


2.  Connecting Flights


3.  HDMI Cables


4.  Airline Tickets


5.  Eyeglasses





6.  Dental Visits


7.  Telemarketers


8.  Hotel Cancellations


9.  Taxes


10.  Grooming Products





11.  Right To Remain Silent


12.  Flowers


13.  Magic Erasers


14.  Razors


15.  Car Dealerships





16.  Inflated Tires


17.  IT Customer Service


18.  Sink Disposal


19.  Sale


20. Labor





21.  Gift Cards

This applies in all of Canada too, eh?

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