9 Cheap DIY Graduation Gifts (They’ll Actually Use)


6) Car Emergency Kit

This one is important for anyone. Put together a small kit for your grad to keep in their car filled with emergency items they might need, just in case. Include things like a flash light, batteries, duct tape, a first aid kit, an extra phone charger etc. You’ll never know when it will come in handy!

7) Gym Membership

Anyone will appreciate this! Now that high school or college is over and Summer is upon us that means it’s BEACH SEASON! But being a recent grad means funds might be a little tight. So, in order to make sure your grad stays in tip top shape, gift them a gym membership! Planet Fitness is just $10 a month amongst other nationwide gyms that work on a month to month basis. Your grad will be stoked to learn they won’t have to pay a thing and can still get the Summer bod they dream of!

8) Awesome Water Bottle

There’s more to this water bottle than meets the eye. It’s been featured in magazines and on TV shows all over the world and can really come in handy for a recent grad! It has built in compartments to hold keys, your ID, money and other items when you’re at the gym or on the go. Find it online for less than $20!

9) First Job Survival Kit

Fill a small lunch back with the key essentials for your grad to survive his or her first day/week at the new job! Include necessities like a reusable watter bottle, brand new pens and a notebook, a pack of gum, some healthy snacks and whatever else you could think of that will keep them focused. It’s a perfect gift for a young adult getting ready to enter the work force.

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