A Non-Runners Guide To Start Enjoying Running



You’ll know you’re a runner when you you think it’s fun that even when it’s hard, it still comes easy.

But most of the time it sounds more of a chore than a pleasure-triggering activity. But don’t you know that it’s a discipline? that despite being a struggle at times, it’s a worthy struggle?

Running comes in a two-fold fun: First, a powerful, obsession-worthy goal and second, a mind-body bliss that comes when hitting the roads. Both results to miles that seem to come easy and boils down to one common detail: slowing down.

If all you know about running is running fast, the you’re completely wrong. As a matter of fact, the first rule for enjoying running, according to Frazier, is to run slow. To run consistently, you simply have to slow down. If you feel like walking, then do so.

Signs that say you’re doing it right: When you can carry on a conversation without difficulty while running and when you feel terrified of seeing someone you know because you’re going to slowly.

Running at a slow pace makes running more comfortable and enjoyable. And when you find it that way, you’ll love doing it again all over.



With that understood, let’s look at the two different fun approaches to running:

1. A Powerful, ‘Unreasonable’ Goal

Find Some Inspiration

Read a book on running that will spark the runner in you. Books like the modern classic Born to Run and Scott Jurek’s Eat and Run. Movies are all the more powerful. There are a dozen movies about running that you can watch the night before a race (just make sure you don’t sleep late). The Spirit of the Marathon, Running the Sahara, Unbreakable and Finding Strong are just a few examples.


Find a proper plan to help you reach your running goals. Be it your first marathon you’re training for or your first attempt to survive a 5k, the market and the internet do not run out of books and programs to help you do whatever it is you’re going after. Blogs like the Rock Creek Runner and iRunFar have expert runners that can guide you.

Get The Right Tools

Unlike other sports, running doesn’t need much. Just a few gears and gadgets and you’re good to go. The most obvious thing you’ll need is a good pair of shoes. Running stores can give you helpful suggestions as to what suits you best. Make sure it has lots of room for your toes.An iPod, a GPS and a foam rollers make friendly additions although you can still do without them.

Keep Your Focus

If you’re running  along with so music, focus on the lyrics to pass the time. Take 180 steps per minute. Imagine yourself crossing the finish line. And before you know, you’re already there.

2.The Mind-Body Experience

A female road runner runs down a road at dusk at Independence Pass.

When you’re feeling burnt out, this next approach will get you back on the roads. “Mind-body” running can help during your heavy training that call for intense focus.


With this approach, the miles you run don’t matter and so do paces and splits. You run at a conversational pace, with your breathing pattern telling you to either to slow down or go faster.

It’s also a meditative running. Your mind wander, thanks to the slow pace you’re running. You listen to music, to the birds, or to anything around you than to music from your iPod.

In short, this approach will keep your focus on what’s here at the moment. It’s a refreshing run that will leave you feeling more energetic than when you left.

Find Some Inspiration

Read books that talk about how running can affect your emotional and mental well-being. Some recommendations are: John Douillard’s Body, Mind, and Sport, Running and Being, Running with a Mind of Meditation, and Dan Millman’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior.


Rather than the miles, you’re focus on time. Instead of thinking of how much time you’ve run to achieve a certain mileage, time means you run for however long you feel like keeping on. Here’s a trick: leave your watch behind so you don’t get pressured by how much time you’ve been running.

Get The Right Tools

Less is better. Minimalist runners love this. Less shoe helps you stay in touch with the surface you’re running on. Also, checking your heart rate or your pulse can be done manually.

Keep Your Focus

Focus on your breathing, preferably nasal breathing. Measure your breathing by steps and gradually lengthen each breath. Think about the present moment. Repeat a mantra to yourself. Focus on your thoughts.


Which One Works Best For You?

Running doesn’t always come easy. If it does, everyone should be out on the roads early on the weekends. To love running so much is to need it, to look for it, that a day or a week is incomplete without it. That’s what makes a real runner.

But if you still have doubts about your ability and capacity to run, that’ okay. Try this alternative, instead: be a runner when you’re having fun running. On other times, be something else.

However, if you intend to take running seriously – if not now, but in the future – try any of the approach that’s workable for you and you’ll be surprised at the wonderful improvements it will bring you.



Watch these videos about getting more guide to be a motivated runner:


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