Awesome Ice Cream Hacks for Summer


With the sweltering heat of the summer sun beating down on you, one way to escape the heat aside from your colorful hats and fashionable swimwear is by lavishing yourself with one good flavored ice cream.

Ice creams have come a long way from being the simple dessert that merely consisted of shaved ice flavored with fruits and milk. Today, people get to enjoy a wide variety of flavors and ways to consume this dairy delight. Whether it is a delicious ice cream cake or a scrumptious sorbet, this cool treat is the perfect way top beat the heat while satisfying your mouth watering craving.

Tired of licking off the ice cream down the side of the cone or the glass? Here are some valuable hacks that you should know.

1.) Make ice cream easier to scoop by slicing them in checkboard shapes.

2.) Don’t have anything to serve your ice cream with? Slice the carton in half with the ice cream inside.

3.) To add some patriotic flair to your ice cream sandwiches, roll them in red and blue colored sprinkles!

4.) Make some choco cookie cups for your ice cream by cooking the cooking dough in a muffin tray. Yum!

5.) Here’s a simple Mason jar ice cream recipe you should definitely try!



6.) Prevent freezer shock by putting ice cream in a Ziploc bag while in the freezer.

7.) Make ice cream scooping easier by first dipping the scoop into a glass of hot water before using it.

8.) Love to make milkshakes? Scoop different ice cream flavors in tube trays and you’re ready to go!

9.) Scoop ice cream in an S shape to make it easier as ice cream melts from the inside out.

10.) With some fruits and ice cream, pop them in the blender and you have instant home made ice cream!



Check out more ice cream hacks for this summer:



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