Because His Son Hates Boring Big-Boy Beds, This Dad Gifts Him the Coolest Bunk Ever!



DIYs are all the rage these days. Almost anything can be handcrafted from scratch with the sufficient amount of knowledge, proper tools, and a dash of creativity.

And that’s exactly what Eric Strong did. Strong’s son wanted something more than a normal boring bed for himself. Strong responded by promising the kid that he’ll make the coolest bed ever.

All the elements and features of the bed are inspired by his son’s favorite things. Pulley systems, ball circuits, jungle gyms, and top-secret hiding spots—name it, and this bed has all of it. The great thing is that all the materials can easily be bought in any IKEA store.

Three IKEA products were fused to create this epic toddler nest: Trofast storage unit, two sets of Kura bed, and a Besta shelf.

Strong added a slide and secret chambers to the bed to top it up a notch. People on the Internet all agreed that this is undeniably the coolest bed ever. I bet you do too.



The sum of all the production cost of the entire bed including some accessories totaled to $850.

The video below shows Strong touring around his newly built masterpiece. His son is sure to love what his loving father has created. Sleepovers at their house would be quite awesome.


Here’s the video of the whole process from conception to completion: