This Clever Eco-Friendly Spiral Staircase is a Brilliant Way to Climb Trees



Designers Robert McIntyre and Thor the Kulve have thought of a brilliant system that allows anyone to create a spiral staircase up the trunk of huge trees, without chopping some parts off and without using any tools.

Using birch steps that hold on to the tree trunk and straps and grips with thick neoprene pads, they were able make the innovative staircase possible. At first, they attached a few of these steps, along with a handrail. When all was attached, they got a beautiful and eco-friendly spiral staircase.

McIntyre shared, “We have worked with the arboriculturalists at Hampstead Health to ensure we are not damaging the tree”. He also added that trees can still be hurt when there is a long sustained friction. So, they assumed that the steps they built were just a temporary setup.

Though a 7-meter staircase can carry at least 2 people and will take at least 3 hours to build, it will only take 30 minutes to take it all down.





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