DIY Fudge Using the Microwave in 10 Minutes



If you’re from America, you must be drooling at every sight of it. With a color alone that basically makes your taste buds shiver, this is totally the perfect choice for a good-time dessert—the fudge. We usually still have to go extra miles, though, just to get hold of it. No one wants to wait that long to eat.

Worry not now. We will show you a way on how to make a fudge in just ten minutes without going anywhere but your own kitchen. All you need to make sure is that you have an oven, a fridge, and six ingredients.


Prepare a can of condensed milk, vanilla extracts, salt, chocolate chips, and butter. You can also add some butter, but that is up to you.

The ten-minute miracle starts with dumping the chocolate chips on a bowl. Pour the condensed milk on top and toss the butter in. Stir it and put it in the microwave oven for two to three minutes, with one-minute increment.


While waiting, grab a pan and cover it with an aluminum foil. When the melted fudge in the oven is ready, spread it on the pan and freeze it on the fridge for an hour.









A ten-minute preparation for the fudge and freezing it for an hour, and with just that, you now have the fudge you’ve been driving to the stores for. Let those days be gone, and start making it on your own.

This is the video of the whole preparation.


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