Dress Up Your Wine Gifts with These Creative DIY Gift-Wrapping Ideas


Although a bottle of wine is a very common holiday present, you can always make it more memorable. How? Simply use your creativity to wrap it in a delightful way.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to spend much for expensive materials. Simply play with what you have on hand and be more imaginative. To get your creative juices flowing, check out the examples we have below.

Fancy Fur Bag

Why not wrap the liquor bottle in something as classy as its content? It may look very expensive, but you can actually make five or six of them with only $10.

Neat Shirt and Tie

Literally dress up the bottle with a collared-shirt and a necktie. This is indeed a good idea if you are giving it as a present for your father or the man in your life.

Colored Paper Wrap

Two is better than one, especially when we talk about wine bottles. Give out two by wrapping them in thick paper and decorating with wonderful cutouts.

Fuzzy Newspaper

Aside from being easy to replicate, this idea is also pocket-friendly. Wrap the bottles with colorful newspaper or magazine pages. Then top it with curly strips that form a ribbon.



Knee Sock

Here’s a better way to give two presents in one. Pull one sock over the bottle and tie it around the top. For sure, these two will give warmth to the recipient during the cold winter nights.

Dish Towel Wrap

Not only does this Japanese-inspired method of wrapping looks elegant and classy, it also helps cleaning up a bit fast and easy.

Colorful Wine Caps and Scarves

Wine bottles also need to warm up during winter. With these winter accessories, you can make any wine bottle appear cool and adorable.

Wrap It in Twine

Get creative by using twine, hemp, or burlap as a wrapper for every bottle. To make it look more pleasing, add more floral designs or spell out some words.



Kraft Paper

The kraft paper is a more eco-friendly option. To make it perfect for the holiday, add some tiny Christmas decorations.

Pineapple Wrap

Give your gift a tropical kick by disguising it as a pineapple. Wrap it in tissue paper and then decorate it with some chocolates.

Simple Fabric Wrap

Simply wrap the bottle with a beautiful fabric and tie it with a yarn. It’s as simple as that.



Woven Fabric Bag

Wrap the wine bottle using a fabric woven bag and give it a yuletide twist by adding some Christmas greeneries and bells.

Mulling Kit

There is nothing more soothing than having red wine in the winter. To make it presentable, tie up some spices in a small burlap bag and put it around the bottle.

Sweater Bag

These festive bags may look expensive, but actually, they’re just reused sweater sleeves. Just sew its bottom to ensure the bottle doesn’t fall through and then add tie a ribbon around its neck.



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