Effective Ways to Minimize or Treat Hair Loss for Good

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Hair loss is a problem that affects both men and women in general. However, hair loss manifests prominently among the male population. Whether its improper nutrition or stress, there are several causes that trigger the occurrence of hair loss in many individuals.

Experts indicate that the real cause of hair loss can be found right in the family tree. According to Dr. Frederick Joyce M.D., the founder of Rejuvenate Med Spa and member of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery, “The truth of the matter is that baldness comes down to your genes.”

Although stem cell research is today’s highly celebrated method to hair restoration, there are many ways that can help people minimize, if not battle, the effect of hair loss. Check out these sure-fire ways to treat hair loss and restore your precious locks.

1. Proper Nutrition

Although diet alone could not save your tresses, proper nutrition does help in giving your hair the nutrient it needs to grow healthily on top of your head. As the old adage says, you are what you eat. In fact, several experts do recommend improving one’s diet to ensure that your locks are equipped with the necessary vitamins to keep it in tip top shape.

As explained by Denise Kernan, owner of DK Hair Techs, Inc., and a member of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery:

“You’re not going to have the healthiest hair if you’re living off doughnuts, because being nutrient-deficient weakens strands and makes them more prone to breakage, While nutritious eating isn’t going to bring your hair back by any means, eating plenty of protein-rich foods and health fats can make the hair that you still have look thicker and shinier.” 

2. Invest in Nioxin Shampoo

Although there aren’t any products available in the market to fully prevent hair loss, one can invest in a bottle of good shampoo. There are several shampoos available in the market today that can battle the effects of thinning hair. Shampoos that contain natural herbs such as rosemary and mint are highly recommended. Herbs help stimulate your scalp and naturally boost blood circulation thereby nourishing your hair follicles.

3. Laser Light Therapy

Another option that you can go for is the laser light therapy. The idea of this method is that laser light therapies help grow new hair by stimulating blood flow to the area. However, experts do say that laser light therapies can help your hair stay on a bit longer on your noggin rather than help grow new ones.

For one to get the full benefit of this therapy, one has to be fully committed in doing so. Although there are no reported side effects on this method, this is highly recommended for hair maintenance.

4. Hair Replacement Surgery

This is considered to be the best method for hair loss. Today, guys have several options to choose from when it comes to having their hair on the head stay where it is. The general idea of hair transplant is to have doctors plant hair onto the scalp with the use of tiny incisions.

Other hair transplant methods that are available and popular today include follicular unit extraction  (FUE) whicch involves tiny punches that heal undetected. Regrowth rates with FUE is almost as high as with the strip method, and there is less downtime-three to five days to heal compared to 10 days for the strip method. It’s a good idea to make sure your doc is a member of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery.



5. Propecia

Originally created to help prevent prostate cancer, finasteride now works as an excellent in preventing hair loss. This does so by preventing the production of a male hormone in the scalp known as the androgen dihydrotestosterone(DHT) that shuts down follicles to cause male pattern baldness. You might want to note that some guys experience sexual side effects, like impotency or lack of desire.

6. Minoxidil

The brand name of this topical treatment for sprouting new hair is Rogaine, and it’s only one of two FDA-approved drugs for the condition. This particular product slows down the process of hair loss and is also the best solution for maintaining it as well. However, one has to take note of the side effects when using this particular product such as itchiness and chest pain.


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