Hidden Smartphone Tricks that You Should Know About



One of the greatest perks about owning the latest smartphones available on the market are the applications or the apps.

These software applications have admittedly made life easier and more convenient especially on how we deal with our everyday tasks. From the simple task of messaging to getting the latest news and updates, there is nothing more than what our handy smartphone can do. Yet, there are a few hidden tricks our handy smartphone can do which were sadly not listed in their respective manuals.


Here are just some of the invaluable cheats that every smart phone owner should know courtesy of Kurt the Cyberguy.

Battery Life

One of the biggest headaches that smartphone owners have to deal with is the amount of electricity that the device consumes. And what is even more frustrating is the fact that we do not know what part of the phone sucks out all the energy. One way to find out is to go your phone’s Settings and to the General tab.

In the general tab you will find a Battery Usage tab that will show you what apps in your phone have the highest number of power usage.

Viewing photos without going through your Archives




To avoid the hassle of going through your past messages one by one to trace your photos, all one has to do is to open the message and go the Details at the top right corner of the screen. You then scroll down and it will automatically show you all the photos that you have shared with your contact and vice versa.

Locating your friends and loved ones

Contacting your loved ones proves to be a hassle if they are too busy to even answer your text or call. One simple trick you can do to locate them is to go through the message you have shared with them. Next is to go to their name and go to the “Share Your Location” option. From there you can pin point their exact location. You also have the option to share your contact with them with the given time frame available in the choices found in your phone.

(800) 373 3411

Traveling? Looking for the next bus stop? Call these magical numbers and you are on your way to your destination with ease. Users will have to go through the ten second ad before having the opportunity to talk to someone who can share some directions. One of the greatest perks about this trick is that it is applicable to any smartphone in the market, anytime and anywhere in the world.



Check out more details of these tricks in the video below:


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