Make Your Big Day Even More Unforgettable with These Magical Wedding Lights


Creative lighting can be considerably more affordable than overindulging your wedding reception with overpriced floral arrangements. You can spice up your party by putting up lanterns, up-lighting, illuminated backdrops, or image projections.

To achieve this watercolor effect, harmonize some colors


This starry sky–inspired lighting is perfect for evening outdoor wedding parties


A barn elegantly enhanced by chandeliers and series lights


Transform your boring reception into a majestic venue with uplighting


Glimmering series lights create an awesome hanging backdrop



Make your head table stand out by placing arcs of twinkling lights


You can also hang illuminated paper lanterns to liven up that dull dining space


Throw in some lanterns to give your guests that soothing aura


Chandeliers can also be used outdoors to make the dance floor more romantic


Give life to the monotonous walls using well-designed creative lighting



The stage is more attractive with the help of image projection


Place pin lights to make it look like you are dancing above the stars


Surprise your guests by using LED dance floors


Ceiling projections can turn your conventional wedding party into a magical one


Lighting can also be incorporated during your wedding ceremony



Walk down that elegant aisle by illuminating it with wavy designs


A good contrast for uplighting would be paper lanterns


This glow effect can be carried out by combining uplighting and jewel-toned lanterns


Change shrubbery into an enchanted magical garden by dangling lanterns on trees.


One way to make your background exciting is through gigantic light-up letters



Wonderfully placed lighting installations can take your guests’ breath away


Create a frozen kingdom by pairing white interiors with cool blue lights


A warehouse is transformed by laying candles, uplighting, and chandeliers


Well-crafted centerpieces paired with complementing up-lighting


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