16 Party Hacks to Make Your New Year’s Day a Blast Without Spending Too Much

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It’s the first of January 2016, and it’s never not too late to throw a New Year’s Day bash that will forever be etched on your guests’ mind.

You might be too concerned that you might have to spend a lot on the very first day of the year, but worry not because we got here a list of party hacks that will save you some bucks but will help you organize an event worth remembering.

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Theme your party with clocks


Remember that time you were counting down till the clock hit midnight and you all shouted “Happy New Year”? Reminisce that moment by having clock as the theme of your New Year’s party. But you don’t have to buy hundreds of clocks to hang on your doorway for guests to see. You can just paint your table or plates with a clock design, and you’re good to go.

Welcome the New Year feeling high with a little dose of skittles on your colorful vodka


A shot of vodka is as pure as white, but you can always make that glass more appealing by putting some Skittles in your vodka bottle. So that whenever you pour your visitors a glass, you will see them getting amazed at how you make a transparent liquid a colorful one, like how you wish their 2016 to be filled with colorful memories.

Give them some Kisses


Make sure everyone gets a kiss on the first day of New Year . . . even if they’re single. Just hand them a bowl of Kisses.

Make a stylish New Year’s Eve attraction with decorated empty wine bottles


You might have emptied your liquor bottles during Christmas and you do not know what to do with them. How about you reuse them to add a little spice to your New Year’s Day party. Add some lights inside it and it’ll pass as a great decoration. Just make sure they are well washed before you do so.

Sparkle your champagne bottles with glitters


Give your plain champagne bottles a sensational spark by adding glitters. Choose colors that will fit the theme of the night. With these bottles in the background, your New Year selfie will be much more classy.

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