16 Party Hacks to Make Your New Year’s Day a Blast Without Spending Too Much


Sparkle up your outfit too


It’s an important event, not to mention it’s the first one for the whole year. Don’t hesitate to level up your outfit by wearing something that will make you a standout. Do a little personalization on your dress and soles to make it more special.

Party crackers for the New Year


This little touch-up won’t hurt your budget and time.

Level up your punch bowl with pears


This is the perfect addiction to your punch bowl. Plus, it is very easy to make. Learn how to make it by reading the recipe here.

Ready a Bloody Mary punch bowl to recover from a bad hangover


This should be the ultimate saving grace for your guests who stayed over and had a little hangover the next morning. You better prepare them in advance.

Have your guests write their New Year’s resolution on sticky notes


Looking for a great conversation starter for everyone? Have them write their New Year’s resolution on papers and wear them. Reading each other’s 2016 goals will give way to more interesting topics.

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