How to Remove Gum From Fabrics With Vinegar And Toothbrush



Chewing gum could be fun especially for kids, but the trouble starts when they stick to your clothes (or your kid’s clothes) or on the carpet in your house. Sending them to laundry will not take these gum out of the fabric, while scrapping them with a knife might just totally ruin it. So, how do you save your clothes from this sticky problem?

The solution is a drop of warm vinegar and a toothbrush. Vinegar is known as one of the most common house hacks for cleaning, and you can use it, too, for your “gum sticking” dilemma.

All you need to do is apply a warm vinegar directly to the gum or dip the brush into the vinegar and brush the gum gently. Once it clears away, wash your clothes to ultimately remove the stains and the smell.

Vinegar is known to dissolve the bond between the gum and the fabric.


The video below will show you this simple house hack on removing the gum from the fabric:



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