Turn Your Old Scrabble Tiles into Awesome Works of Art- This DIY is Inspiring

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1. Scrabble Mosaic

It may not seem much, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that this wonderful mosaic is made up of scrabble tiles.

2. Wedding Cake Toppers

Want an ingenious way to decorate your wedding cake? Then scrabble tiles are the answer to your concern for these pieces can make a unique and beautiful ornament. If both you and your partner have overcome a game of scrabble and you still want to be with each other for a lifetime, there’s no doubt that you will conquer anything . . . together.

3. Passive-Aggressive Earrings

This is a discreet yet marvelous way to leave a remarkable statement to anyone.

4. Behold! The Scrabble Keyboard!

This keyboard will definitely catch anyone’s attention. It’s not every day you see a keyboard made from scrabble tiles, and it’s definitely an amazing sight to behold.

5. Wine Charms

Want to invite someone for a drink? Why not say it using scrabble tiles? You might enjoy each other’s company better with a bottle of wine while playing scrabble.





6. Fridge Magnets

Here’s an interesting way to leave notes and reminders on the fridge instead of the conventional papers and fruit magnets.

7. Shelf Organizer

This will surely guide and remind anyone in the house about the proper place where certain utensils should be.

8. Garden Markers

This is for all the garden folks out there. This will help you remember what is planted on which area.

9. Counter Culture

If you have a certain love for letters, an incredible way of displaying your love for them is by decorating your counter and filling it with letters. You might also add random reminders as well, such as “Don’t Lean on the Glass.”

10. Hawt Dawg; We Have a Wiener

Want to be a “cool kid”? Why not make rings out of scrabble tiles? It looks stylish, and it would also show people your “swag.”





11. Jingle Spell Rock

During the holiday seasons, especially Christmas, instead of hanging the usual red, green, yellow, and blue balls, why not give it a twist by hanging your very own decoration? You can formulate words that’ll fit with the festivity, and people will definitely take notice of your Christmas tree.

12. Bar Coasters

This one will definitely astound anyone you happen to invite over for a dinner or a drink.

13. Scrabble Purse

Instead of going for those branded and expensive bags, why not make yourself a personalized bag using the scrabble board and a few tiles as a “verbal” decoration? You’ll definitely be a head-turner in no time.

14. Brand New Tile Floor

At least no one in the house, or your visitors, will ever again “run out of words.”

15. You Left the Scrabble Faucet Running Again

Now since we’re taking about words, let’s go all out! This will be very convenient for you children’s—or your own—literature homework.





16. What Time Is It?

This clock is literally “telling” us the time.

17. Dishwasher Magnet

A useful magnet for the person who will be doing the dishes. At least they’ll have fun admiring the cleverness of this decoration while performing the chore.

18. The Ol’ Scrabble Hair Clips

Not only will it help you keep your hair neat and organized, it’ll also display your proficiency in vocabulary.

19.Triple Napkin Score

Spice the flavor of your napkin rings by using scrabble tiles to display your eloquent elegance.

20. Scrabble Tile Journal

What’s a better way to tell everyone that reading someone else’s journal is bad? By using scrabble tiles as your book cover.






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