She Took Some Old Mason Jars, and What She Created is Awesome


Mason jars are very versatile materials. They can be used in many ways. They can serve as drinking cups, decorations, containers, holders, and many more.

Using these jars can save you a lot of time and money too. Here are some creative ways to recycle mason jars. Try some of these ideas and turn your mason jars into something beautiful in a money-saving way.

1. Mason Jar and Oil as Picture Frame

20 Awesome  DIY  Ways To Recycle  Mason Jars
A perfect way to keep your memories.

2. Jar Organizer

Use mason jars to keep your bathroom organized and neat.

3. Jar Snow Globe

For a unique and cute Christmas gift

4. Jar Vase

Create a beautiful vase for your flowers.

5. Outdoor Lighting

Perfect for lighting your gardens and pathways.



6. Mason Jar Planters

Turn your old mason jars into neat planters.

7. Sewing Kit

This will help you keep your sewing materials together.

8. Mason Jar Chandelier

This may require some work, but it would be worth it.

9. Mason Jar To-Go Cup

20 Awesome  DIY  Ways To Recycle  Mason Jars
Just drill a hole and place a straw and you get a new drinking glass. Easy.

10. Mason Jar Kitchen Organizer

20 Awesome  DIY  Ways To Recycle  Mason Jars
Mason jars are also perfect as spice storage.



11. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Replace your plastic hand wash container with a cute mason jar.

 12. Mason Jar Oil Lamp

An oil lamp for some romantic lights

13. A Fairy in a Jar

Make magical lights with your old mason jars.

 14. Glowing Paint Mason Jars

20 Awesome  DIY  Ways To Recycle  Mason Jars

 15. Mason Jar Lights

20 Awesome  DIY  Ways To Recycle  Mason Jars
Put your string lights in the jar and plug it in.



16. Mason Jar Terrarium

Make a simple terrarium with your jars, and you’ll have a perfect living room decoration.

17. Hanging Garden Mason Jar

20 Awesome  DIY  Ways To Recycle  Mason Jars
Make your garden more attractive with this hanging garden idea.

18. Mason Jar Silverware Storing

Store your silverware in the jars.

19. Mason Jar Flower Pot

You don’t have to buy expensive vases if you have mason jars.


Watch the videos below for more creative ideas on recycling mason jars.


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