Sprinkle Some Fairy Dust on Your Pumpkin with this DIY Tinkerbell Jack-O-Lantern


Every year Halloween, Jack-O-Lanterns are getting a bit more creative and twice as complicated. It’s not the best feeling to do a ton of digging, carving and sculpting to a pumpkin, only to have it end up thrown in the trash and you’re left with nothing but a mess. Plus, do you really want to be the same ol’ neighbor with the same ol’ Jack-O-Lantern on their lawn every year? No! So it’s time to step it up.


Thanks to Luis over at Incrustables, we’re able to bring a little bit of magic into our worlds this Halloween season with a bit of fairy dust. With a bit of patience, a printable pattern and a steady hand, you, too, will succeed at landing yourself the cutest pumpkin on the block! Not only will you be able to show it off but your little ones will love the glittering effect this pumpkin has once you turn the lights off and throw a candle inside.

Halloween Tinker Bell Pumpkin

Year after year Halloween pumpkins get more creative and complicated. It is not such fun to carve simple, scary face, you need to jump on a higher level of handmade stuff!

Halloween Tinker Bell Pumpkin



Take a close look at this step by step guide of Halloween Tinker Bell Pumpkin, here.

Here is the printable pattern you will need:


But if you know you’ve got the skill and  you really want to show off, you can try these out:




Watch the tutorials below for a better idea on how to accomplish this perfect pumpkin: