This Photographer Shares His Secrets for Taking Perfect Photos with a Smart Phone – See What He Has to Say

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If your phone comes with a camera, then you are an instant shutterbug. Even though it’s not the kind professional photographers use, you can still take impressive shots with it. With just a little trick here and there, aspiring and beginning photographers like you will soon be on your way to becoming a pro!

Here are some neat and relatively easy tricks to get the most out of your phone’s camera.

1. Aerial Shots

With just a balloon, some fishing line, and a remote shutter, you can have some amazing aerial shots.


2. Bright and Dark Pictures

Use sunglasses to even out bright and dark areas in the view you would like to capture.


3. Pinhole Photos

This is definitely old-school! It’s something you must try! Watch the video below to learn how to get this effect.


4. Inception Selfies

Create this inception selfies by taking photos of objects that you could easily combine with your own features.




For more phone camera photography tips, watch this video:



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