Take Better Selfies With These New Techs

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With the fast emerging growth of smartphones with cameras, especially those mounted with front cams, taking pictures of yourself through them, coined as a selfie, has become a huge trend all around the globe.

Now, most of us have demanded to produce a better quality of selfie for the purpose of looking good when we upload them in our social media account.

All you need is to invest in some of camera gears and techs, including apps, for better looking selfies.

Here are a few tips and tricks to improve your selfies within seconds and minutes.


Use a Monopod


Thanks to the invention of monopods, taking selfies have never been easier. For some reason, the human arms are not equipped and too short to take pictures in a wide angle. With the help of these selfie sticks, you can take a desirable snapshot without the awkward position of the arms.

According to Jim Krause, a professional photographer and graphic designer, “I wouldn’t say that selfie sticks are inherently annoying, but they can be used in very annoying ways.”

He added that users of these sticks so that you do not block the view from others.

A little trivia: Jim Krause contributed in the coining of the term “selfie” by mentioning it in his 2005 book Photo Idea Index.



Now, if you are looking for the best selfie stick, Wall Street Journal‘s Joanna Stern gave high remarks to Digipower’s Quikpod Extreme. It has a rubberized handle and only costs at about $70.

Another choice would be the GoPro 3-Way which also retails with the same price.

In her review, she wrote, “It folds up into a fairly compact package that can easily be tossed in a backpack, it has two joints you can bend to nail a tricky shot, and the bottom pops off, so it can become a tripod.”


Fake Arm Selfie Stick Makes It Look Like You Have A friend


Invest in Lens

A better quality of image is the key factor in producing a remarkable selfie.
We are often caught whether we should buy a better smartphone or a professional digital camera, but did you know that lenses that can be mounted in your smartphones are available in the market?

“We’ve all got these mega-computers in our front pocket now,” Krause stated. “Why not tell them to do lenses?”

If you are looking for the perfect lens for you, here comes Kodak’s SL25 Pixpro Smart Lens Camera. It gives Android and iOS smartphones the touch of a professional camera. All you have to do is to hook it on your smartphone with its foldout arms. You can easily control the device wirelessly through a free Pixpro Remote Viewer app.

Specifications of the product include a powerful sensor, HD video, optical image stabilization, 25X optical zoom and a 24-mm wide angle. However, it only costs for about $300.

If you are looking for something cheaper, Lensbaby offers LM-10 Sweet Spot Lens which can also fit on your smartphones. This are available for $70.

This equipment gives a different effect as the subject will be focused and will pop up due to the blurred surroundings.

According to Krause, he even uses other Lensbaby lenses for his digital camera.

“Digital is so capable of perfection that I love tools and tricks that can make things look less perfect,” he added.

Print Them Out

Admit it, those selfies that you take only belongs to your gallery. Once taken, it will never see the light of day again.
And that is where the idea of Prynt came to be. They want those pictures to be presented in a more tangible way.
Prynt is a state-of-the-art Zink technology which prints ink-free photos only with heat-reactive crystals in special papers. By fitting your smartphone inside a battery-powered camera case, and attaching it via a lightning connector or micro-USB, you can now print pictures within matter of seconds.
As of now, Prynt is expected to be launched in August with a $130 price, which includes the case and 10 sheets of the special paper.

Hands-Free Snapshots

Now you can take a photo from a distance without extending your camera to your arm’s length or asking somebody to take your picture from afar.

HISY introduced to us the HALO, a small, wireless remote-controlled button. You can place your phone on a leveled platform or a tripod, then you can walk away and snap the picture with just the click of a button.

It is available vin both Apple and Android versions, which costs $25.

Meanwhile, CamMe is free app only available to Apple devices. It allows users to get a picture from a distance by making a fist, which the app will detect. This is perfect for taking a selfie or a group photo with holding anything.


Make Touch-Ups

For the full selfie experience, download apps that functions with Photoshop-style effects.

You can buy Facetune app whcih costs $4, and is available on both Android and Apple devices. Other apps whihc are free include the Perfect365 and YouCam Perfect.


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