These Drinking Hacks Will Help You Turn Up the Fun at Your Next Party

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Nothing bonds friends like getting together over drinks. If you are looking to host one of those memorable parties here are a few tricks that will surely help you and your guests have a blast:

Uncork Wine Effortlessly with Your Shoe

You do not have to worry anymore when your friend’s wine opener is out of sight. You just need to take off your shoe, place the bottle’s bottom in the opening (just like in the picture) and bang it against the wall. The cork will then pop out. Though this trick is a little noisy, this surely works.

Open the Bottle with a Charger

This is one more reason you should always keep your charger with you. Your charger is also effective as a bottle opener. Though this is specifically for Macbook charger users only, you can use the metal hook to open it after you remove the extension.

Ice in a Cup in a Beer Pitcher

For those who do not want a beer with melted ice, putting ice in a plastic cup floated in the beer pitcher is another solution that you can use.  No diluted beers anymore.

Measures in a Solo Cup

If you think those ridges on your plastic party glass are just for decoration, then you need to think again. They’re actually made for giving “drinkers” easy measuring gauges. The one ounce line on the bottom is for the liquor, 5 ounce line for wine next to the bottom, and a 12 ounce line on the next.

Sneak Alcohol for Alcohol’s Sake

There is a new clever way to sneak out a vodka from a party. Find an empty a Listerine bottle, put in the vodka plus some blue food coloring and you already have booze handy. Just make sure nobody sees you drinking from this container, they’d thinking you’re drinking mouthwash.



White Wine with Frozen Grapes

Wines might sometimes cool down before it ever passes your lips. So, for you keep your glass of wine chilled, add frozen grapes into it. Aside from having a drink in your hand, you can also have an instant dessert.

Bubble Up an Already Opened Champagne with a Raisin

Restore The Bubbly In Your Champagne With A Raisin

Champagne usually loses its tasty bubbles when it has been opened for a long period of time. So, to revive its taste, just toss in a raisin and just wait a minute for the magic trick to happen.

Get Rid of Foam with Olive Oil

Olive Oil Gets Rid Of Foam

Foam can hold up your excitement in starting your drinking session. So, instead of waiting for years, you can hasten things by adding a droplet of olive oil in the foam and watch it disappear.

Chill the Bottle Quickly

Most of us want a cold beer better. So, get your cold beers fast by wrapping it in a wet paper towel and leaving it in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

Skittles Flavored Vodka

Soak skittles in your ordinary vodka for a flavor explosion. Separate each color per bottle. Shake them once in a while and let them soak for about a day, so the liquor will absorb the flavors.



Keep Your Beer From Rolling with a Binder Clip

Worried over your beers rolling over each other in your fridge? Well, worry no more with this little trick. Just place a binder clip at the side of your beer bottles to keep them from rolling to the side.

Hide Beer Cans in Fast Food Cups

Aside from it being a mini cooler for your beer can, it also allows you to conceal what you really are drinking.

Blended Wine

Some other wine drinkers spend a lot to aerate their fancy wines. However, with this trick, you do not need lots of money to come up with a much tastier wine. Just blend the wine for about 30 seconds and savor its greater taste.

Drunk Gummy Bears

Want to eat some gummy bears with a twist? Then, you absolutely can. Pour vodka into a bowl of gummy bears and store in the fridge. The  bears will eventually drink up all the alcohol in about three days.

Alcohol-Inspired Fruit Party

To enjoy this fruit party, just cut a hole in an orange or a watermelon and leave the bottle upside down in the hole until its very last drop has gone into the fruit. You can also make it fancier by making vodka shots with fruits on it.



Take Cheap Vodka to the Next Level

You just need to have a water filter to level up your cheap vodka. Pour vodka through a water filter five times and chill in the fridge for better taste. You do not need to bear with the horrible taste of a cheap vodka if you know this neat, little trick.

Eliminate Hangovers Fast

Drinking gives people a lot of fun for the whole night. But, everybody knows the struggles the morning after. So, after a night of heavy drinking, make sure to take multivitamins before going to bed. This will take back the subsided vitamins from imbibing in too much liquor.


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